Whether you are an Estonian citizen, , or you belong to any nationality and you want to visit India, then you must know that you may be required to get a visa before you are allowed to travel. From past experiences narrated by several people, getting a visa can be stressful, especially when one is not familiar with the requirements and procedures of getting a visa.

This site will make everything easier for you. If you are an Indian who lives in Finland and requires services of the embassy, the site gives you step by step instructions of how to go about it. It also gives you instances under which you can seek the services of the embassy, apart from seeking visa or getting a surrender services once you get citizenship of another country.

If you are a foreigner who wants to travel to India, this site is full of resources that will not only help you get you deeper insights of the procedures you need to go through. It also delves into basic details of how to go about seeking visa, the documents you need, how to make payments, how to fill forms, send them and how long you should wait before you get your visa.

The site also explain s the types of visas issued when one is traveling to India. From business visas, medical visas, conference visas and tourist visa. It explains who is eligible for each type of visa, and what to do if you want your family to visit you while you are in India.

For Finnish citizens, one of the most asked questions for those of Indian origin is how to renounce their Indian citizenship and take up the Finish citizenship. In this site, you will learn why you need to embark on the process of surrendering your Indian passport, getting a certificate and taking up your Finnish citizenship. Holding on to your Indian passport when you have a new citizenship can get you in trouble with the law, forcing you to pay a hefty file or face imprisonment.

Basically, the site provides answers to some of the most asked questions, including how to go about getting a certificate to transport the human remains of your loved one who died in Finland but you want their last resting place to be India.

If you have never been to the Indian embassy in Finland and you are wondering who is in charge and what they do, the site gets into deep details on what the embassy does, and the officers in charge. If you want information that is not related to visa processing, the site guides you on how to access the information through the Right to information (RTI). It also explains how to go about asking for the information and how long you should wait before you get the information.

The most searched topic on the internet when it comes to getting Indian visas is knowing what to carry when going to the embassy. Once you have filled the forms online, the next concern is always what is needed next. The site explains what else may be needed from you. From the specifications of the photo you need, the mode of payment, and who to present the filled forms to. It also gives the timelines of how long you should wait before you get your visa.

Basically, you should consider this your handbook on the services provided by the Indian embassy in Finland. While it does not claim to be the embassy, it has the information you might need to make your visa seeking process less stressful and tedious.